Ideas Of Team Building Activites

Corporate team building activity refers to bringing together a group of employees who carry out common activities with a view of increasing their productivity, morale and having teamwork spirit. Below is some of the best team building activities;

  1. Office trivia

This is a perfect way of bringing a group of employees together and challenge them with questions not necessarily involving the skills or ideas they apply to their workplace. This can be done effectively by dividing employees in small groups and at the end award prizes to the group which scores the highest point. This can be done by posing questions to various groups and they write down the answer, the group which scores most points automatically emerge the winners. Office trivia is meant to break the ice among the employees and create more teamwork.

  1. Cook-Off

This involves preparing new dishes together in groups and it requires the contribution of ideas by everyone to cook. The small groups should be challenged to prepare a common dish which is delicious. The good thing is that there is no limitation of a dish to be prepared but of course it should be something unique to avoid boredom.

  1. Karaoke Night

This can act as both as an entertainment and as a team-building activity. In nutshell, Karaoke night as a team-building activity involves a singing contest among various groups of employees. A certain genre of music can be chosen and the employees compete among each other harmonization of voices and the entertainment touch of the same. The group which emerges the best can be appreciated with awards.

  1. Room Escape

This is a great bonding activity whereby a group of employees is locked up in a room for a while, let’s say 30 minutes and during this time they are required to fill a puzzle, find a hidden item or even look for the hidden keys to set them free. This kind of team building activities is meant to create logic, boost teamwork and make employees patient.

  1. Campfire stories

This is done by gathering together in a circle whereby fire is lit and the employees are expected to give out their life experience or even narrate interesting stories to their colleagues. Such sharing of stories is total fun and it may encourage an employee who may be going through tough times.

Benefits Of corporate team building activities In Workplace Environment

  1. Promotes Teamwork

Team building encourages spirit of working together as one group. This teamwork is essential since it enables the employees to work together to achieve the organization’s goals.

  1. Promotes Delegation

Delegation is the act of sharing of duties among your juniors. This team-building enables the seniors to have trust with their juniors in terms of their working potential. Through this workload of each employee is greatly reduced and efficiency increased when performing their duties in the workplace.

  1. Time management

Some of the above team building activities equip employees with patience and the ability to be punctual or rather to manage their time well especially in their workplace. This ensures that all activities of the organization are carried out due the time required.

Corporate team building activity and corporate events have emerged as a new way of bringing employees together and help into the accomplishment of organizational goals. So all businesses should buy the idea of having corporate team building regularly to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits among others.